We’re saving you money.

Versylon: The really tough stuff from Miller Felpax
We are about solid experience. In the last 25 years Miller Felpax has manufactured and sold hundreds of thousands of locomotive wear parts including truck pedestal liners, center pivot and bowl liners, coupler carrier wear plates, and brake rigging wear plates. These and other critical parts have set new standards for toughness and durability in the most demanding railroad environments in North America and around the world.

Versylon Impact-Modified 6/6 nylon alloys have replaced carbon and manganese steels, cast and filled nylons, UHMW and other plastics, and bronze in applications that demanded:

  • Wear & Impact Resistance
  • Cold Flow Resistance
  • Cold Weather Toughness
  • High Temperature Endurance
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Reduced Weight 
  • Economy 
  • Weather Resistance

AAR approved Versylon parts are currently being used by railroads, railcar manufacturers, leasing companies, utilities and major chemical companies. You will save money in service because Versylon reduces wear and cold flow. You will save money upfront when you buy from the manufacturer – Miller Felpax.

Versylon is strong, hard and dense. That means components stand up to heavy impact loads. The unique strength and toughness of our specially molded nylons result in parts that are both much more resistant to cold flow and creep than UHMW, and tough enough to survive in any railroad environment, hot or cold.

Versylon is the really tough stuff from Miller Felpax.


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