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Embracing Technology and Creating New Solutions for Our Customers

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In June Miller Felpax was featured in Progressive Railroading magazine’s special ad section. A big thanks to Eric Armstrong for his compelling overview.

“At Miller Felpax we are eagerly looking to the future by embracing technology and creating new solutions for our customers. Recently, we put Miller Felpax on a platform to innovate for the future.”

Check out the article here.


Increasing Gas Prices Causing More Demand for Trains

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On March 8, 2012, a Gallup poll was published entitled “In U.S., $5.30 Gas Would Force Major Life Changes.” This poll shows the tipping point of Americans – the point where people would start doing things differently if gas reached a certain price. With the rise of gas prices, we will certainly see the decline of street traffic and more telecommuting. But more importantly we will start to see an increasingly rising number of people riding the rails. Some analysts predict that gas prices could top $4.50 by Memorial Day based on the increases so far this year, and that would stoke even more demand for trains. “As gas prices go up, we see our ridership go up correspondingly,” state rail planner Bob Melbo said.1 As a leader in the locomotive industry, Miller Felpax stays on top of the market – we are more than ready to service your increased needs and demand increases.

Miller Felpax is the leading designer of OEM gearcase seals for EMD and GE locomotives

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Miller Felpax Announces Full Line of EMD Truck Parts

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Miller Felpax is proud to announce that it is carrying a full line of EMD truck parts including components on the newer radial/steerable truck. These include the rubber over molded bushings, shocks and dampers, wear parts, pins and bushings and more. Custom kits are available for customer programs or projects. Give us a call to see how we can support your truck overhaul needs.

We manufacture high performing, long wearing and reliable truck parts using superior technology and materials that meet the most exacting specifications. From Pedestal Liners for EMD and GE locomotives, to Coupler Carrier Wear Plates, Center Bowl Liners, Wear Rings, and Bolster Wear Plates, Miller Felpax can satisfy all your truck wear parts needs.

Looking for a particular part? Call on us today, we’ll deliver.

Toll-Free 1-877-843-0767

We’ve Got You Covered: Traction Motor Support Bearings

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It’s the Real Deal – high performance traction motor support bearings at a lower cost than you’re now paying. Miller Felpax, inventor and patent holder for most of the bearings in use today, has joined forces with CMBA, South America’s leading producer of traction motor support bearings. Together, we’re bringing high quality bearings to the North American market. What a sweet deal! Top quality and performance that you’ve come to expect, at a price that will substantially improve your bottom line. Download the sales sheet here.

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